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Spider-Man : the Death of Jean Dewolff Premiere HC Cover B

Peter David
Rich Buckler

First the gun muzzle flashed before her, and then her life did. Who killed Jean DeWolff? Witness the web-slinger’s race against time and death as a shotgun-wielding maniac carves a path of destruction through New York City in one of Spider-Man’s most acclaimed, gripping and gritty adventures!

Aided by Daredevil and police Detective Stan Carter, the wall-crawler must track down the madman known only as the Sin-Eater, who is determined to purge the city of sin. His cure, however, is murder. And his first victim is a close friend of Spider-Man’s: police Capt. Jean DeWolff, cut down in the prime of her life. Now, the Sin-Eater’s killing spree has taken on a new, personal meaning for Spider-Man — and when the wall-crawler finally catches up with the Sin-Eater, Spidey may not be able to check his own fury and rage.

In capturing the Sin-Eater, will Spider-Man become as great a danger as that which he pursues? Collecting Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #107-110 and #134 to 136, written by Peter David, pencilled by Rich Buckler & Sal Buscema, with covers by Rich Buckler, Sal Buscema & Mark Texeira.

Marvel, hardback, 168 pages, published July 2011


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