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Spider-Man By Mark Millar Ultimate Collection

Mark Millar
Terry Dodson

Peter Parker’s worst nightmare has come true: one of Spider-Man’s enemies has learned his secret identity and is using that knowledge to strike at Peter’s family. Now, his Aunt May has been kidnapped - and his wife, Mary Jane, may be next. Forced into a personal battle against a mysterious foe devious enough to ensnare him in a vicious game of cat-and-mouse, Spider-Man must battle more than a dozen of his deadliest enemies to rescue his aunt. With the clock rapidly ticking down, will Spider-Man earn his greatest triumph or suffer his greatest defeat?

In a spellbinding story superbly illustrated by fan-favourite artists Terry Dodson and Frank Cho, best-selling writer Mark Millar presents his definitive take on Marvel’s greatest hero - reinterpreting classic Spider-Man foes such as Dr. Octopus and the Vulture, and introducing an all-new Venom! Collecting Marvel Knights Spider-Man issues #1 to 12, written by Mark Millar, pencilled by Terry Dodson and Frank Cho, with cover artwork by Dodson.

Marvel, paperback, 304 pages, published December 2011




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