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Spellbinders - Signs and Wonders Digest

Mike Carey
Mike Perkins
Getting through high school is hard enough without having to watch your back the whole time, but magic can give you a real edge over the competition. When 15-year-old Kim Vesco moves from Chicago to Salem, Mass., she finds that the local student body is divided into rival factions of witches and non-witches, with both sides bidding for her allegiance. And if that weren't enough, an unknown force seems to want her ... dead!

Between the tribal loyalties of the schoolyard and the brutal, fight-or-die logic of the mage-war, Kim has to steer a course that will keep her alive until she can take the fight back to her enemy and reveal the true identity of someone she thought she already knew: herself. Collects Spellbinders #1-6.

Marvel, paperback digest, 144 pages, published October 2005


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