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Spectacular Spider-Man Volume 6 - the Final Curtain

Paul Jenkins
Mark Buckingham

Paul Jenkins wraps up his five-year tenure as a Spider-Man writer and brings Spectacular Spider-Man to a close with a moving, self-contained tale that reunites him with artist Mark Buckingham. Plus, two spectacular stand-alone stories.

First up Ben Grimm's all-night poker games have become legendary among the superhero set and for the fist time Spider-Man has been asked to join the table; but when the Kingpin deals himself into the game the stakes are somewhat raised.

Once he was the Mindworm - an arch-nemesis of Spider-man, but in the next tale here he's a lonely, forlorn beggar trapped in an infernal triangle of booze, poverty and dementia. How can Peter Parker help this one-time foe? And are the actions of Spider-Man responsible for his current, pitiable condition?

And as if this isn't enough we witness the return of Doctor Octopus in an intense three-part saga. Collecting Spectacular Spider-Man #21 - 22 and #27 and Peter Parker, Spider-Man #39 - 41.

Marvel, paperback, 144 pages, published October 2005



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