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Space Family Robinson Volume 5 Hardcover

Gaylord DuBois
Dan Spiegle

The Robinsons have made contact with Earth! Using a thought projection machine given to them by the engineers on the planet Thela, Craig Robinson has managed to speak with the chief astronomer Hank Barrows! Unfortunately, without any common reference points to use for navigation, the Robinsons remain lost somewhere in the cosmos.


While Craig and Hank attempt to work out the location of Space Station One, the Robinsons continue exploring parts unknown searching for a civilization advanced enough to help them plot a course back to Earth, but not every nation they meet is friendly! Collects Space Family Robinson issues #32 to #39 and March of Comics #328, written by Gaylord DuBois, with art by Dan Spiegle and George Wilson.


Dark Horse, hardback, 216 pages, published December 2012


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