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Songs of Our Ancestors Volume 2 - The Silk Tapestry

Patrick Atangan
Patrick Atangan
 Folktales are the bones of society. Through them the lessons of love, courage and maturity are told from an elderly generation to its children. What was once a strong tradition in Asian culture is fast disappearing.

"Songs of Our Ancestors" is an exploration of these folktales and their cultures. This second volume adapts three Chinese tales themed round the unique struggle of the artist. An old woman, a young boy and a wild spirit are all bound by the creative passion to change their world.

In "Silk Tapestry," an impoverished elderly woman's only hope against a life of hardship lies in the completion of a magical tapestry. It is said to be the key to paradise. In "Sausage-Boy and his Magic Brush," a young boy's remarkable talent for creating paintings that come to life attracts a greedy woman. And in the creation myth "Pan-Gu," a wild but lonely spirit sculpts the Earth from a cosmic egg in hopes it will bring others like him to keep him company.

"Folktales represent a culture's historical record, and yet their impact often diminishes through repeated retelling. A new story format can breathe new life into an old tale, which is just what the author accomplishes. His works can and should be enjoyed by families of all cultures."-Fore Word

"Highly recommended." -Library Journal

NBM, hardback, 48 pages, published September 2004


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