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Soleil : Scourge of the Gods Volume 1 Premiere Hardcover

Valrie Mangin
Aleksa Gajic

After a thousand years of peace, the Orbis - the Roman Galactic Empire that thought itself almighty - trembles down to its foundations. The Huns, savage warriors that came out of nowhere, are trying to conquer it. King Attila has already pillaged and burned dozens of planets without any legion being able to stop him or even slow him down.

And unfortunately for Rome Kerka, the Hun's goddess of chaos herself, is back. But the Gods have a taste for tragedy: Kerka has been reincarnated in the body of Flavia Aetia, a young Roman girl. Is Flavia truly this macabre divinity? Is she the by-product of a terrifying plot? Or is she only the victim of a terrible destiny?

A free adaptation of Hun king Attila and the Roman general Flavius Aetius' confrontation, Scourge of the Gods replays the eternal struggle between order and chaos on the galactic level. Halfway between sci-fi and heroic fantasy, the huge epic fresco proclaims antique grandeur as well as the barbarism that lies in our future.

Collecting Soleil: Scourge of the Gods issues #1 to 3, written by Valrie Mangin, pencilled by Aleksa Gajic, with a cover by Aleksa Gajic; adaptation by Paul Benjamin.

Marvel, hardback, 152 pages, published July 2009




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