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Skaar, Son of Hulk Complete Collection

Greg Pak
Ron Garney

Born in fire. Raised by monsters. Destined to smash! On an alien planet shattered by war, no one is stronger than Skaar - the savage Son of Hulk! But as a warlord and a princess spread chaos through the wastelands, will Skaar save the puny survivors - or eat them? Skaar seeks the mysterious Old Power, but can even he stop the coming of the Silver Surfer…and Galactus the Devourer? The soothsayers sing: One day, monsters will clash - the boy will confront the man who abandoned him.

When the Son of Hulk seeks vengeance on his father, will Earth be turned into Planet Skaar? Collecting Skaar: Son Of Hulk #1-12, Skaar: Son Of Hulk Presents The Savage World Of Sakaar, Planet Skaar Prologue, War Of Kings: Savage World Of Skaar and material from Hulk Family: Green Genes. Written by Greg Pak & Christos Gage, pencilled by Ron Garney, Butch Guice, Ron Lim, Dan Panosian, Rodney Buchemi, Carlo Pagulayan, Reilly Brown, Graham Nolan & more, with cover artwork by Ron Garney.

Marvel, paperback, 432 pages, published July 2018








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