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Silverfish HC

An original black and white graphic novel, written and illustrated by David Lapham, the acclaimed creator of Stray Bullets; an original hardcover graphic novel replete with betrayal, double lives and family annihilators that will plunge itself into your gut and keep twisting until its bloody conclusion

. What starts as a childish prank for her father's affection turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse for 16-year-old Mia when she discovers her beautiful new stepmom Suzanne's secret possessions: an address book, a stash of money and a knife caked in blood.

Mia makes the fateful mistake of phoning Daniel, a murderer from Suzanne's past, who believes he's possessed by a demonic silverfish. And at midnight, on the boardwalk of a sleepy seaside town, Mia's survival will depend not only on whether Suzanne is good or evil, but whether Mia can find out which before Daniel reaches them...


Silverfish is going to be a 154-page graphic novel, the same format as Dave Gibbons Eisner winning The Originals. It's an intense suspense/coming of age story about a sixteen-year-old girl from a sleepy Seaside town, who opens a Pandora's box when she digs into the secret past of her beautiful young stepmom. Ultimately she attracts the attention of a deranged killer who believes himself possessed by thousands of tiny "Silverfish" that live in his ear.

The main word here is suspense. I have a small cast of characters who spend a lot of time together trying to hide what they know and pretending to be what they're not. It's fast pace, grips you, and doesn't let up till the last page. (Well...maybe the third from last page.)”
David Lapham speaking on Newsarama.


DC, hardback, 160 pages, published June 2007




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