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Shard: Mortal Trespasser Premium Format Statue

"Living or dead, it makes no difference to my blades."

Shard is the first living, breathing mortal to ever set foot in the Underworld. To better prepare her for the harsh environment of the realm of the dead, the former Templar knight is adorned with armour forged within the capital city of Illverness. The fine bone filaments of this protective encasement were woven around her form by the osteomancers and artisans of the dead. Though most trappings of humanity are now beyond her reach, Shard still carries the weapon that served her for so long in the mortal realm - a blade called “Faith Bearer,” which is infused with the essence of one of the heavenly host. It is a deadly weapon, only rivalled by its newly forged twin - the sword known as “Seraph’s Woe," which contains the spirit of one of hell’s greater demons.

It is no surprise that even in the Underworld; most beings give this defiant trespasser a wide berth. Though she may be the only living being in Death’s realm, there is no fear in Shard’s eyes.




23" H (584.2mm) x 14" W (355.6mm

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Court of the Dead


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