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Shakara : the Destroyer

Robbie Morrison
Henry Flint

He is the ultimate symbol of revenge. A ruthless, merciless killing machine created for one purpose - to avenge the murder of his own race. His chilling battle cry is but a single word - SHAKARA!

But the malevolent Shakaran warrior known as Cinnibar Brenneka has activated a terrifying weapon called the God Machine, and once it destroys everything he will be the ultimate master of a new universe created in his image. Only one thing can stop Brennekka from succeeding - SHAKARA is out to kill the last of his kind, and there isn’t another creature in the whole of existence that will get in its way!

In the follow-up to the lauded first volume from Robbie Morrison (Nikolai Dante) and Henry Flint (Haunted Tank, Judge Dredd), SHAKARA returns in all its mind-bending, cosmos-spanning science-fiction insanity. Witness comics unlike any you have read before as the final battle between evil and justice is played out on a galactic scale, with Flint’s incredible artwork once again pushing against every boundary the medium has to offer.


Be prepared for a tale of monumental carnage and devastation. Be prepared .... for SHAKARA!

Rebellion, paperback, 160 pages, published August 2012


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