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Seven Soldiers Of Victory Archives Vol. 1

Mort Weisinger
Mort Meskin

Collecting LEADING COMICS #1-4, featuring the adventures of The Seven Soldiers of Victory: The Crimson Avenger, Green Arrow, the Shining Knight The Vigilante, Speedy, Stripesy and the Star-Spangled Kid!

In 1941, one year after DC Comics launched the Justice Society of America in ALL-STAR COMICS, sister company All-American Comics released LEADING COMICS #1 featuring its very own super-team; The Seven Soldiers of Victory!

Originally produced under the guidance of legendary editor/writer Mort Weisinger, this volume featuring page after page of classic art by Mort Meskin (among others).

Add to that an insightful introduction by R.C. Harvey and it all adds up to over 200 pages of some of the best that the Golden Age had to offer - by writers Bill Finger, Mort Weisinger, Jerry Siegel and others, with art by Meskin, George Papp, Creig Flessel and others.

DC, hardback, 240 pages, published January 2005


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