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Secret Invasion : the Amazing Spider-Man

Brian Reed
Marco Santucci

New York is full of Skrulls and Spider-Man... where the heck is Spider-Man, anyway? Now, thanks to Brian Reed (Ms. Marvel) and exciting newcomer Marco Santucci, Jackpot and the rest of the cast of Brand New Day must pick up Spidey's slack and go toe-to-toe with Super-Skrulls - including one that might just be Spidey himself!

Plus one of the biggest mysteries of Brand New Day is revealed! Who is the mysterious Jackpot? What is her dark and mysterious secret? And how does Walter Declun (Wolverine: Civil War) play a part in it? We're not telling, but Marc Guggenheim and Mike McKone are!

Collecting Secret Invasion: the Amazing Spider-Man issues #1 to 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 2008 Annual, written by Brian Reed and Marc Guggenheim, pencilled by Marco Santucci and Mike McKone (who also provides the cover artwork).

Marvel, paperback, 112 pages, published, published March 2009


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