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Secret Avengers by Rick Remender Volume 2 Premiere HC

Rick Remender
Renato Guedes

AvX tie-in! Thor leads a secret team of Avengers on a suicide mission to stop the Phoenix by any means necessary! Who is Minister Marvel, and why has he drawn the Phoenix to the Kree homeworld? The Avengers devise a way to save the Kree, but one man stands in their way: the original Captain Marvel, reborn to unite his people! Can Ms. Marvel and the Protector break free of Minister Marvel’s influence to aid their former companions?

Plus: Can Hawkeye and Black Widow unmask the spy on their team in time to prevent tragedy? And as Hawkeye, Venom and Ant-Man face the Masters of Evil — an army of villains unlike any ever seen before — to save Max Fury, the Shadow Council’s true goal is revealed! Enter the power of the Abyss! Collecting Secret Avengers issues #26 to 32, written by Rick Remender, pencilled by Renato Guedes, Gabriel Hardman & Matteo Scalera, with cover artwork by Arthur Adams.

Marvel, hardback, 160 pages, published November 2012




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