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Sea of Red Slipcase Collection

Rick Remender
Kieron Dwyer

The year is 1533. Deckhand, Marco Esperanza’s shipping vessel is sunk in the dead of night leaving him, the sole survivor, left adrift in the Red Sea. His prayers are answered when a strange ship impossibly cuts through the night fog saving him a watery grave. However, his elation soon turns to horror when he discovers he has been brought aboard the dread pirate ship, The Black Galleon. There is more to Captain Lesser Blackthroat and his evil crew than mere piracy, these men are damned -- these men are vampire.

The year is 2004. Since being turned undead by Blackthroat, Marco has spent the past 400 years tied to the bow of a sunken vessel, clinging to unlife in the dark, briny, deep. His confinement at the bottom of the sea ends when film director Joel Cameron’s submarine discovers him while location scouting. Hungry to film a live vampire battle, Cameron agrees to aid Marco in seeking out the eternal monsters responsible his fate that he might have his revenge.

Collects Sea Of Red, volumes 1 to 3, written by Rick Remender and Kieron Dwyer, with art by Kieron Dwyer, Salgood Sam and Paul Harmon (who also provides the cover art); limited to 1000 copies.

Image, paperback, 360 pages, published May 2010



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