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Scream Queen : Sand And Fury

Ho Che Anderson
Ho Che Anderson

A story of blood, of sex, of death — of sound and retribution. It opens as a girl by the side of a desert road accepts a ride from a stranger. How could she know that behind that wheel sits the angel of death? Of course, even the angel of death once had a life. During that life, death was a successful business woman, with a great career and an even greater future.


It’s true she could be a little cavalier with her innate gifts; she had, after all, broken the heart of everyone who had ever loved her. And then, one day — the monster entered the woman’s life and changed everything forever. Drawn in a stark, chiseled, expressionistic line that evokes an modern attitudes and classic terror at the unknown and unknowable.


Fantagraphics, paperback, 144 pages, published February 2010


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