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Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller Volume 35

Certain to have genre modellers everywhere heading for their workbenches in excitement, here comes Volume Thirty-Five of Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller, the long-established hobby title that regularly delivers one hundred color pages of exclusive reading and unique images! Volume Thirty-Five’s contents list includes studio-scale scratch-builds and special projects, mainstream and garage kit release news, FX miniatures, creatures, techniques and much more. Here are just a few highlights from Volume Thirty-Five’s impressive article lineup: 
Randy Cooper interview with amazing images!
Accurate, huge, part-for-part Klingon Bird of Prey replica!
1/3 scale William Hartnell TARDIS prop replica build!
Battlestar Galactica original series Viper prop located!
Studio scale SHADO Mobile Part II!
Studio scale Land of the Giants Spindrift build!
40-inch Romulan Warbird scratch-build project!
Rusted but trusted - robot protector diorama!
Retooled Round 2 Moonbase Alpha!
Wild House Stasis Pod build! 
…Plus much, much more!
Published October 2015 


Science Fiction

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller


Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller

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