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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller 32

Presenting Volume Thirty-Two of Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller, the title that brings genre modelers one hundred pages of essential reading and superb images! This new Volume offers an impressive line-up of exclusive articles and photographs spotlighting all that’s new and exciting in the mainstream and garage kit arenas, together with studio-scale replica building, FX miniatures, creature kits, modeling techniques and more. Volume Thirty-Two’s sizzling contents list includes: 
* Revell large scale X-wing - the new kit built and converted!
* Arnie the Terminator cat - the nuts and bolts of making a post-apocalyptic pet kit! 
* Moebius classic Galactica Viper, Battlestar and Raider built and reviewed!
* Space:1999 Eagle Transporter special edition re-release!
* Space:1999: converting The Alien car re-release into an Alphan Explorer!
* Into Darkness Enterprise - giving the Revell kit that 'original series' look! 
* The 'Wigan Observor ' - outrageous retro sci-fi Military Drone scratchbuild!
* Fantastic Plastic 2001 Space Station 5 build!
…Plus much, much more!
  expected January 2014


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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller

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