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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Volume 6

Sci-Fi & fantasy modeller Volume Six is packed with more high-quality features and articles, with one hundred, all-colour pages bring you a superior medley of genre modelling magic that includes:

* Massive Venator Star Destroyer scratchbuild.

* Impressive scratchbuilt Captain Scarlet hovercraft.

* Awesome Galaxy Quest lighting project.

* Mysterious Alterra 1 a brave new world of kits.

* Blockbuster Original Kong feature and rare shots of the stop-motion puppets made for the movie.

* Authentic Blake's 7 Pursuit Ship Scratchbuild.

* Compelling Blake's 7 chase craft kit review.

* Fascinating Fantastic Plastic Galactica and Trek kits reviewed.

* Top-secret Captain Scarlet Swift Removals scratchbuild.

* Terrifying spider antics: Neill Gorton's full scale Empress of Racnoss for Doctor Who.

* Tempting Iconic Replicas: an exclusive interview.

paperback, 100 pages, published July 2007



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