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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Volume 18

This shiny new issue of the popular Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller offers unique coverage of science fiction and fantasy modeling projects teamed with superb photography. Packed with exclusives, Volume 18's stellar line-up includes:

Blueprinting 2001 spacecraft for Filming The Future.

New Star Wars kits reviewed.

B.P. Taylor Scratchbuilds the amazing alien Stayn Destroyer.

Jupiter II : translating Lost In Space studio sets into the Moebius kit interior - awesome shots and information!

Jules Verne Nemo and Nautilus kits - a unique and definitive guide.

Replica Empire Strikes Back studio-scale articulated Tauntaun puppets!

Neill Gorton on creating nine-foot-tall robot suits.

When Worlds Collide space ark kit preview and build!
Classic Time Machine kit review!

Plus much, much more!


Published July 2010

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