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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Volume 15

Volume 15’s stellar, 100-page, all colour line-up includes:

* Meet the Kestrel – Space:1999 Eagle variant scratchbuild.
* 1/350th Moebius Seaview build.
* Putting the colour into Big Frankie’s cheeks.
* Robot Chicken – lovingly recreating Star Wars sets in miniature.
* Purple Salamander Living Ship… quite a mouthful for a strangely familiar looking ship!
* Lighting and building robots B-9 and Robby.
* Sith Infiltrator resin build.
* Daleks in Manhatten – Airfix kit built and enhanced.
* Blake’s 7 Scorpio – at last a resin of this must-have spaceship!
* A L I E N environment suit – awesome 1:1 scale project.
* Aries 6 MaK scatchbuild.

Perfect for modellers and hobbyists, this quality series is also good for those with an interest in how practical special effects, models and miniatures are used in SF&F film and TV.


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