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Scary Book Volume 1: Reflections

Umezu Kazuo
Umezu Kazuo

The spine-chilling influence of Japanese horror cinema has taken hold in Western audiences with hit films like The Ring that are based on Japanese films adapted from classic manga stories. And the master of horror manga is Umezu Kazuo, known as the "Stephen King of Japan," with several of his stories being adapted to film and Dark Horse Manga is proud to bring his Scary Book horror anthology to Western readers for the first time.

This first volume, Reflections, presents two feature-length tales of terror. In "Mirror," a narcissistic girl's reflection begins to take mean-spirited command of her life; and in "Demon's Revenge," a sadistic samurai master bent on seeking retribution for his son's injuries finds the tables of vengeance turned against him. Find out what Japanese readers have known for many years: you haven't been scared until you've been scared by Umezu Kazuo.

Dark Horse, paperback, 232 pages, published February 2006 




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