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Scarlet Horn

Charlotte Lamb
Lucas Varela
 When the evil Lamort steals the King's magic rock - and his daughter, Lucrecia - the king decrees that any brave knight who retrieves them will win his daughter's lovely hand in marriage. But the king is horrified when it is a rhinoceros who volunteers for the job. He does not want a rhino for a son-in-law!

Together with his trusty squire, a very brave mouse, the rhino seeks out the bent castle of Lamort, which is mired in a treacherous swamp. There, Lamort and the magic rock have become friends,
but the rock is not to be trusted. And the much desired prisoner Lucrecia is more bored than scared.

Laced with humour, pathos and action, "Tales of Capomundo: Book 1 -Scarlet Horn" is a fast-paced and ultimately very satisfying adventure.

SAF, hardback, 48 pages, published September 2005


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