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Sardine in Outer Space

Joann Sfar

The evil Supermuscleman is determined to make every kid in the galaxy obey him. Who can outwit him and his wicked plans? Only Sardine, a little girl aboard The Huckleberry with her cousin Louie and her pirate uncle, the gruff Captain Yellow Shoulder.

As they travel across the universe they encounter cosmic squids, masters of the universe, space leeches, talking clouds, and many other strange and sometimes evil beings.

This is the first book in an exciting new series by two of France's most talented comics authors. With rambunctious, high-energy artwork and a clever swashbuckling heroine, Sardine in Outer Space is a feast for the imagination of young readers.

 Sfar – always a delight – must be as popular with the new First Second Books imprint as he is with us since he has two entries in their inaugural graphic novel line-up, the other being Vampire Loves.

First Second Books, paperback, 128 pages, published May 2006  


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