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Sanctum Redux

Riccardo Crosa
This vast, full-colour manga completely reworks Christophe Bec and Xavier Dorson’s bestselling Sanctum saga, by adding new characters, extra background storylines and unexpected plot twists. All this means that the horrific tale of the USS Nebraska submarine, trapped by demonic forces, remains as fresh and unique to fans of the original book as it does to newcomers. After receiving a distress call off the Syrian coast, the crew find a 70-year-old shipwrecked Soviet sub. When the Nebraska’s away team discover a massive underground sanctum dedicated to Môt, the ancient Ugarit god of death, it’s up to them to prevent the gates of hell being thrown open...
Stéphane Betbeder is a respected French graphic novel writer of The Return of Dorian Gray, Dr Watson (Soleil), among others. Italian artist Riccardo Crosa has worked on many series including his furry one-shot, Kira (Phoenix), Vigilantes, and Highgate (also with Stéphane Betbeder) published by Soleil. Andrea Rossetto is an Italian artist who drew the samurai manga series, Tengu-Do (Les Humanoides Associes). He teaches comic art at the Centro Culturale e di Espressione Ossidiana in Vicenza.
Humanoids, paperback, 636 pages, published May 2015 


Science Fiction

246mm x 173mm




TURN 9781594651144 MAR151401

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