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Sam and Twitch: Udaku


 Every crime scene is unique. But when New York City Police homicide detectives Sam and Twitch investigate the scene of the first of several Mafia-related murders, they find four severed thumbs. Yet these bloody digits are not from anyof the victims. The medical examiner further discovers that the thumbs are genetically identical but their DNA cell structure is in different stages of development. Weird.

As the detectives investigate more deaths in the Sangiacomo mob family, they discover widespread corruption in their own department, more bio-engineered body parts and seemingly innocent people dying from a bio-engineered virus. If that isn`t overwhelming enough, Sam and Twitch also find themselves in the center of a Federal Government Internal Affairs investigation where they are being used as bait in their own investigation. Follow Sam and Twitch as they risk life, limb and sanity to track down the meaning of the mysterious Udaku.

Image, paperback, 192 pages, published January 2001


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