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Rose of the World

The wonderful Fool’s Gold series began with a teasing, slow-burn quality to it and the series has increased its urgency, tempo and events structure to this, the final part. Rosa Elda, a mysterious woman who men fall instantly for is slowly recovering her memory while around her the world - split between an Eastern-Arab and a Viking-like group of kingdoms - is dissolving into war.

Reason seems to have deserted men; individuals fight heedlessly for Rosa while whole kingdoms are easily whipped up into jingoistic fervour for war. Wild magic has sprung back into being and this realm of fantasy tinged with bitter realism (not an easy trick) will not be the same, for Rosa Elda is a goddess. Jude brings us a fine mixture of the gritty and the magical, with an especially strong leaning towards strong female characters which should appeal to readers (female and male) of authors such as Ursula K Le Guin or Sherri S Tepper.

Pocket Books, paperback, 668 pages, published July 2006

Author: Jude Fisher 



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