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Rocketo Volume 1: the Journey to the Hidden Sea (new edition)

Frank Espinosa
Frank Espinosa

The adventures of Rocketo Garrison take place in a mythical future 2,000 years after the world has been destroyed in a catastrophe. This compilation of the first six issues of The Journey to the Hidden Sea tells the story of Rocketo’s idyllic childhood and his early training as an explorer and Mapper.

After returning from the deadly Solarium War a broken man, Rocketo Garrison is swept away on a journey to the Hidden Sea, a fabled, dangerous land that may hold the key to undreamed of treasure as well as the truth about an ancient mystery.

Plus: introduction by Alex Ross, pin-ups by some of today’s leading comic book artists, maps, sketches and background information on the New World and more! Collects together Rocketo issues #1 to 6.

The Mapper’s Oath:

“Let your light be a guide

To explore this shattered world

And lift the eyes of men

To the stars and beyond.”

Image, paperback, 304 pages, published August 2006 (new edition)


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