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Ring Volume 1

Hiro Mashima
Misao Inagaki

 Creepy! Have you seen the movie yet? I don't want to spoil it, but it's creepy, dramatic, somehow a little funny, and intense. The Ring, a Japanese multi-media frenzy based on the best-selling horror novels by Koji Suzuki, has already made its way to America in both a Western adaptation of the film, and an equally popular dubbed Japanese version.

Now from Dark Horse Comics comes the equally fantastic manga, and it will be published, respectfully, in the increasingly popular "non-Western" format, meaning you get a kick out of reading from the back of the book to the front. For those of you who love your media in comic book form, you'll love seeing this creepy tidbit panel to panel, and for those who love film, step forward and find out why filmmakers idolize comics. The pacing and art throughout the book are so loyal and work so well with the story, you will be overwhelmed and frozen in place in a closet somewhere. Creeeepy!

Dark horse, paperback, 304 pages, published November 2003


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