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Rex Mundi Volume 3: the Lost Kings

Arvid Nelson
Eric Johnson

In a Paris where magic is real and the Catholic Church never lost its political power, one man's quest to solve a murder may lead him to the Holy Grail itself!

Doctor Julien Saunière continues his investigation into the theft of a mysterious medieval scroll, only dimly aware of the forces tugging him to the doorstep of the powerful Duke of Lorraine. Lorraine wants to provoke a massive, globe-spanning war that will soak the world in blood, but why?

The answer to that question, a deadly confrontation in the ancient catacombs beneath Paris, and a blasphemous revelation about Judas, Christ's betrayer, all await Julien in this volume of the critically acclaimed series Rex Mundi!

Written by Arvid Nelson;, pencilled by Eric Johnson with colouring from Jeromy Cox and Jim Di Bartolo, featuring a cover by Juan Ferreyra.

Dark Horse, paperback, 176 pages, published September 2006


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