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Rex Libris Volume 1: I, Librarian

James Turner
James Turner

From the creator of the acclaimed graphic novel Nil: Land Beyond Belief, the Rex Libris Volume One: I, Librarian trade paperback collects issues #1 - 6 of the epic comic series. Join Rex Libris: a two-fisted, no-nonsense librarian pledged to defend Middleton Public Library against the forces of evil, perfidy and overdue books!


Armed with brains, brawn, an uncanny knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System and a unbelievable array of weapons, Rex (with his gun-hungry bird assistant, Simon) travels the known and unknown universe on the behest of the library, tracking down books that have gone missing, and meting out rough justice on those that would withhold them!


Thrill to wall-to-wall black-and-white action, bolstered by some of the smartest writing in comics today: creator James Turner has created an amazing blend of stylized art, literary satire, and all-out comedy that smarter comic readers worldwide have fallen in love with. Not only does Rex have to contend with book-pilfering demon samurai and the hoarding galactic overlord Vaglox, he simultaneously has to deal with his tippling head administrator, the Egyptian god Thoth, and the market-minded machinations of his own publisher, Hermeneutic Press maven B. Barry Horst (and his unusual fondness for Space Amazons).


Improbable? Yes! Astonishing? Yes! But all the more amazing... because it's all true!* Giant robots, sentient snowmen, ancient gods, forbidden knowledge, and a bird that really, really wants a gun... all can be found in the ripped-from-the-headlines** pages of Rex Libris! Any comics reader looking for something more than spandex and snappy comebacks owes it to themselves to read this book.


Slave Labor Graphics, paperback, 176 pages, published July 2007


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