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Reiko the Zombie Shop Volume 4

Rei Mikamoto
Rei Mikamoto

Reiko Himezono may make good money as a Zombie Shop - a person who can raise the dead and summon obedient zombie servants straight from Hell itself - but is all that cash worth all the trouble? Reiko has had to deal with crazed serial killers, vicious werewolves, and plenty of monsters, not to mention her wicked twin sister, Riruka! And the little matter of having her head cut off in the first volume…


Unfortunately for Reiko, her next challenge may well be her toughest yet! When she put an end to beautiful psychopath Saki Yurikawa's reign of terror, she had no idea that Saki's little sister Midori was waiting in the wings, all set to re-open the floodgates of tragedy and catastrophe all by herself! Reiko may have thought she was finished with the Yurikawa family, but blood is thicker than water, after all, and is it ever going to fly when Reiko and Midori square off!


Dark Horse, paperback, 200 pages, published September 2006 




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