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Red She-Hulk : Hell Hath No Fury

Jeff Parker
Carlo Pagulayan

The world’s strongest female, Red She-Hulk, has a new mission — and she’s dead set on a path of destruction! Her enemies? Every super-powered being in the Marvel Universe! Captain America has no choice but to hunt her down, but will the newly redesigned X-51 need to use lethal force against her?

As Red She-Hulk battles the Avengers and is classified a national threat, X-51 makes a shocking discovery about the future of super-humans. Who or what is Echelon, and why could mankind be eradicated when the World Computer crashes? Captain America must make a grave decision — and as Betty Ross loses what’s most precious to her, Red She-Hulk reacts BADLY.

A smashing new direction begins NOW!, as Marvel’s heroes learn Betty has much more in common with Bruce Banner than the name Hulk! Collecting Red She-Hulk issues #58 to 62, written by Jeff Parker, pencilled by Carlo Pagulayan and Wellinton Alves, with cover artwork by Carlo Pagulayan.

Marvel, paperback, 120 pages, published April 2013


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