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Red Seas Volume 1

Ian Edginton
Steve Yeowell

The Southern Seas in the 18th century, and Jack Dancer – formerly of the Royal Navy – and his motley crew are wanted pirates, preying on the many merchant ships that travel their waters. But when they unwittingly steal a magical object, they attract the attention of the mysterious Orlando Doyle and his undead army…

Ian Edginton has co-created The Red Seas, Leviathan, Interceptor and American Gothic for 2000 AD. He has also scripted The Establishment for DC/Wildstorm as well as the graphic novels Scarlet Traces and Kingdom of the Wicked, published by Dark Horse. Steve Yeowell co-created Zenith (sadly still no sign of that ever being able to be republished) with writer Grant Morrison for 2000 AD, and Maniac 5 with Mark Millar. He has also worked for DC on The Invisibles and Sebastian O.

Rebellion, paperback, 144 pages, published November 2007


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