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Red Moon Volume 2 - Attack of the Circus Hardcover

Carlos Trillo
Eduardo Risso
 Dorothy Knowles and her friend Jennifer Shapiro who had just arrived in Los Angeles from her small town in Missouri, dreams of stardom in her head. But her dreams have been cut short. Her horribly mutilated body is found just a stone's throw from the seemingly mocking Hollywood Sign. Apparently, the night before, she and her friend Jennifer Shapiro were excitedly on their way to a party thrown by Mafioso George Scarpa. Dorothy thought this might be her ticket to stardom. But on the way there, they decided to stop off to see Bodo Horvath, a well-known homosexual fashion designer, to choose a dress. Little did they know, that would be Dorothy's last stop ever.

The investigation falls on Ron Chavez, a Chicano cop who looks a bit like Lt. Columbo, but is as stubborn as a mule. Chavez immediately searches for Jennifer Shapiro, the dead woman's friend and probably the only witness to her murder. But now Jennifer is missing, and as Chavez's investigation progresses, it gets further complicated by the unwanted intervention of another cop, Ed Jennings. Aiding Jennings is his stupid son Earl, who is there as Scarpa's watchdog. Scarpa wants to hamper Chavez's investigation to avoid being linked to the dead woman.

He can't afford the heat at this time because he is backing a candidate for the Los Angeles city council, and any scandal would wreck his dream of putting the Mob back on the West Coast. Things heat up as the battle between the stubborn Chavez and the dirty Jennings turn nasty. Who comes out victorious will be determined by who has more to lose. Why was Dorothy killed and who killed her, will keep you guessing until the suspenseful, climactic ending.

SAF, hardcover, 72 pages, published September 2005


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