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Red Lanterns Volume 2 : the Death of the Red Lanterns

Peter Milligan

In this second New 52 volume, Atrocitus, the creator of the Red Lanterns, is haunted by his past. Abysmus has been freed from his imprisonment and intends to destroy not only the Red Lanterns, but all life. Then, Atrocitus must face a civil war led by Bleez. Did Bleez free Abysmus in an effort to topple Atrocitus? And is the new human Red Lantern Jack Moore the key to stopping Abysmus?

Collects Red Lanterns issues #8 to 12 and Stormwatch #9, written by Peter Milligan, with art by Andres Guinaldo, Jorge Jimenez, Mark Irwin, Tomas Giorello and Miguel Sepulveda; features cover artwork by Miguel Sepulveda.

DC, paperback, 144 pages, published March 2013

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