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Rawhide Kid : Slap Leather Premiere Hardcover

Ron Zimmerman
John Severin

A true legend isn’t made, it’s born. His name was Johnny Bart, but most everybody called him Rawhide Kid. Where he was from and where he would remain, like most legends, is cloaked in mystery. But one thing was for sure: if you saw the Kid riding into your town, things would never be the same again.

This is one such tale. Howard Stern Show writer Ron Zimmerman and legendary Western comics artist John Severin take aim at the lovable red-headed Western scamp we know as The Rawhide Kid.

What happens when the Rawhide Kid rides into one of those beleaguered Western towns on the edge of nowhere, looking better than any cowboy has a right to? What happens when a gang of desperadoes ride into the same town with the intent of lootin' and pillagin'? Collecting Rawhide Kid issues #1 to 5, written by Ron Zimmerman, pencilled by John Severin, with cover artwork by Dave Johnson.

Marvel, hardback, 120 pages, published June 2010



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