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Punisher : Dead End Premiere Hardcover

Rick Remender
Tan Eng Huat

Chronicling Frank Castle's war against Osborn's Cabal as the corrosive effects of their 'Dark Reign' further degenerate the Marvel Universe. The Hood's crime organization has infected the entire world, and nowhere is it more prevalent than the street of New York where, hidden within the decaying husks of abandoned buildings, the Hood has built his secret empire out of everyone¹s sight... including Norman Osborn's.


The Punisher is the one man standing between the new kingpin of crime and total domination, but in order to save his city from the decay and corruption, Frank Castle will first have to survive the rage of-- THE DEADLY DOZEN! And in Annual #1, a hypnotized Spider-Man attempts to grind the Punisher's bones into paste! Collecting Punisher issues #6 to 10 and Annual #1, Written by Rick Remender, pencilled by Tan Eng Huat and Jason Pearson, with cover art by Pearson.

Marvel, hardback, 152 pages, published December 2009


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