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Proper Go Well High

Oliver East
Oliver East

Proper Go Well High is the second book by Manchester comic artist Oliver East. Following on from his 'breakout' book Trains are...Mint this book sees Oliver further adventuring out on walks from Manchester until he reaches Liverpool, recording the many things that pass us by in everyday life.


Part travel book, part diary, Oliver manages to capture both the beauty and problems of this part of the country whilst passing some social and political comment as he goes. Told in a series of beautifully composed panels this is a step forward for the artist and another leg up the path of critical acclaim for the new British comics.


Trains are... Mint was nominated for the 2008 Ignatz award (recognising outstanding achievement in comics and cartooning) and Oliver was the cover and booklet artist on the Mercury award winning Elbow album "The Seldom Seen Kid".

Blank Slate Books, hardback, 172 pages, published May 2009

What people are saying about Trains are...Mint and Oliver East:

"Oliver East picks his readers out of their easy chairs and makes them follow him on his modest travels, experiencing the world as he does, seeing what he sees, sharing with them in that unadorned, curious voice. As long as he continues to ask me along I'm not sure I ever care if I figure it all out," Tom Spurgeon - The Comics Reporter (

"Sometimes a book just catches you perfectly; you fall into its sweet spot and are overwhelmed by it. So it is with Trains Are…Mint. It’s a spectacular success. Oliver East’s Trains are…Mint is one of the most intriguing, complicated, difficult, strange and altogether wonderful books I have read in a long, long time. Yet when you attempt to describe it the first thing that comes to mind is to label it as a simple travelogue. But East obviously loves what he’s doing, loves the simple pleasures of his walk and his time just observing and it shows on every glorious page," Richard Bruton - Forbidden Planet Blog.

"Oliver East walks. When he's done, he draws. In Trains Are...Mint, he walks and draws Manchester to Blackpool along the train tracks. It all seems terribly English and quite refreshing. East contributes walking not as a rural idyll, but a meditation on the other side of the tracks. He focuses on train stations and apartment blocks, trash-strewn alleys and scrawled graffiti. The results are oblique and intoxicating," Bill Randall - The Comics Journal.


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