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Prince Valiant Volume 11 : 1957 – 1958 Hardcover

Hal Foster
Hal Foster
The eleventh volume of Fantagraphics award-winning Prince Valiant series conclues our heroes' adventures in Cornwall, and marks the first appearance of Arvak the Red Stallion. At the Council of Kings, Prince Valiant stands alone in the decision to avoid a ruinous war. Val returns to Aleta, and the two are summoned to Camelot, where Queen Guinevere becomes jealous of Aleta's popularity. Meanwhile, Val leads a bloody campaign to secure the Eastern marches and learns the tragedies of war. As the book ends, Prince Valiant begins searching for Gawain. There may just be another adventure afoot.
Bonus features include a gallery of Foster's rare and never-before-reprinted advertising art from the 1920s. Hal Foster's Prince Valiant is the most illustrious heroic saga ever written and drawn for the Sunday newspapers. In full, glorious, restored colour, this is the finest reproduction of this enthralling, romantic adventure serial ever published.
"That Foster was the most virtuosic comics artist of his time, there is some merit to the claim." – Steven Heller, The New York Times
Hal Foster was an illustrator in the grand tradition of Arthur Rackham and Howard Pyle.... Every panel packs a one-two punch.” – Vanity Fair
Fantagraphics, hardback, 112 pages, published May 2015 



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Prince Valiant

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