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Priestess of the White

Trudi Canavan is one of the new wave of gifted Australian writers who have been wowing UK and US readers in recent years (her first published short tale won a coveted Aurealis Award). She manages to mix magical fantasy, heroes, gods and romance in a refreshingly new way, marking her out from the run-of-the-mill generic tales.

Here we meet the young woman Auraya who is Gifted – carrying magical abilities – which leads her to the priesthood where she is trained to use her gifts for the people and ultimately to becoming one of the White, the actual representative of the gods, who enhance her powers and bestow immortality. It seems a dream come true, but Auraya has become a White just as the long time of peace the gods have helped shape is about to be torn asunder by the rise of a darker magic.

Her first series in the UK was well-received; this is the start of a new series, the Age of Five and as such is the perfect point for anyone who hasn’t tried her work to jump onboard – you won’t regret it. Trudi recently received an honourable mention in the 2006 Aurealis Awards shortlists and this book jumped right into the UK's top ten bestseller list for hardbacks.

Orbit, paperback, published July 2006 



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