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Prey (Origin of the Species)

Michael Lent
Bong Dazo

The Prometheus Corporation has unearthed something ancient and dangerous in its underwater excavations, and now it's come to the surface to make humanity its prey. Their solution? To lure the thing back in the sea and kill everything within a five mile radius, effectively covering the corporation's tracks. And so a disgraced marine biologist must race against the clock and find a way to keep the ocean from being destroyed by the corporation before something even more dangerous is unleashed on mankind…

Written by screen-writing guru Michael Lent (Swimming with the Sharks), Prey is a roller-coaster ride in the style of a summer popcorn movie that fans of Surface are sure to love! Written by Michael Lent and adapted by Mike Raicht; pencilled by Alex Sanchez and Bong Dazo with a cover by Lance Laspina.

Dabel Brothers/Marvel, paperback, 124 pages, published April 2007


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