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Preacher Volume 9 : Alamo

Garth Ennis
Steve Dillon

A new edition of the classic trade paperback featuring Preacher #59 - 66, the final chapter in the Preacher storyline. Jesse Custer's quest to literally find God and take Him to task for the world's injustices comes to a startling end in the dusty streets of Texas in a place best known for a doomed last stand - a bad omen, perhaps?


Jesse's former best friend, Cassidy the hard-drinking Irish Vampire, is heading to the Alamo after making a clandestine deal in a church. What is his agenda? Is he heading there to aid his former friend or harm him? The Saint of Killers is now as enraged with God as Jesse is and there's no telling what he'll do if he finds God or Jesse, or both.


Tulip is desperately trying to reach Jesse in time to help him while still furious over the way he tried to keep her safely out of the action. Herr Starr is determined to finally have his revenge upon the head of Jesse Custer. Events in this corner of Texas may well overtake the historical battle of the Alamo!


A quest to find God and bring him to account for not doing right by the people of the Earth, true love, wicked step-family, religious zealots, blasphemy, drugs, sex, violence, foul language, an unstoppable killer, insane angels and the ghost of John Wayne - Preacher packed it all in to it's continent-crossing tale.


It's a Western, it's a Road Trip tale, it's rock and roll crossed with Dueling Banjos, its romantic, it's adventurous, it's often downright bizarre; there's never been anything quite like it before or since.


DC, trade paperback, 232 pages MATURE READERS







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