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Power Man And Iron Fist : The Comedy Of Death

Fred Van Lente
Wellinton Alves

Charging from the pages of Shadowland comes the all-new Power Man & Iron Fist! When Danny Rand transformed his multinational corporation into a non-profit foundation, he thought he had left fighting behind — but with so many innocents wrongly convicted, the battle never ends! Their first case is Luke Cage and Danny Rand’s former secretary, Jennie Royce, imprisoned for a murder she didn’t commit — or did she? And Iron Fist isn’t fighting alone. He’s got a new partner: Victor Alvarez, the all-new Power Man, he of the exploding punches — and exploding temper!

 Can Danny train his young charge well enough to face returning foil El Aguila — as well as new threats Don Pagliacci; the Commedia Dell’Morte; and the beautiful, deadly Noir? That’s right, Marvel’s original mismatched action duo begins a new era of greatness right here! Collecting Power Man & Iron Fist (2011) #1 to 5, written by Fred Van Lente, pencilled by Wellinton Alves & Pere Perez, with a cover by Mike Perkins.

Marvel, paperback, 120 pages, published November 2011


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