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Pine Kiss Volume 5

Eunhye Lee
Eunhye Lee

Orion carries the unconscious Sebin home out of White Snake’s sleazy grasp. Sebin’s mother makes Orion a mysterious promise that she'll protect him with her life if Orion will do the same for Sebin. Orion ponders over the true meaning of her words and all they imply. Meanwhile, street thugs assault Sanghyung and he’s taken to the hospital unconscious and bleeding.


Dali regrets her last words to Sanghyung before the attack, renouncing their friendship and struggles over her feelings for him. That night, Orion wakes up from a nightmare about White Snake killing his sister. Shortly after, he receives a threatening letter from White Snake along with doctored photos that suggest intimacy between Orion and Sebin. And they could bring an end to Orion’s career and his life.


Netcomics, paperback, 192 pages, published April 2007


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