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Pine Kiss Volume 1

Eunhye Lee
Eunhye Lee

An instant classic, Pine Kiss is a rare jewel that boasts breathtaking illustrations and a tastefully sophisticated storyline. Four beautiful protagonists embroider this critically acclaimed tale of puppy love.


Orion: an extremely good-looking teacher who grasps the hearts of every female student in his new school.


Sebin: the daughter of an infamous gang leader and a spoiled brat who becomes obsessive over Orion.


Sanghyung: a popular make student who tries to win Sebin’ heart, without much luck so far.


Dali: Sebin’s rival who remembers Orion as her first love and ultimate fate.


What will become of their tightly interwoven lives? Love, agony and growing pains of these youths are rendered in this exquisite tale which made the author famous in Korea. Smart and beautiful, poetic and sensual, Pine Kiss takes us back to our more innocent days.


Netcomics, paperback, 200 pages, published February 2006


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