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Phantom: Law of the Jungle

Joe Daly
Paul Guinan

Moonstone's first wide-vision book! Every page is a double page spread, sandwiched by prose. This format is not a mere five-minute read.


Every society has its laws: some written, some unwritten-for some are forbidden to be even spoken aloud. These are the laws that get passed on from one generation to the next. The penalty for breaking these laws is often swift and uncompromising. Combine the lack of this knowledge with the unhinged mind of a deadly assassin who is calling out the Phantom, and you get nothing but fire.


Bang the drum for Paul Guinan's painted art, which has an eerie cinematic quality that ignites a wanton rhythm into the night of the Bangalla jungle. You want to see the Phantom, the Ghost Who Walks, in a different light? You want to see him the way others see him in his world? This is your one chance...if the law allows...


Moonstone, paperback, 72 pages, published June 2006


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