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Perhapanauts: Second Chances

Todd Dezago
Craig Rousseau

They got a second chance and now you do too! If you're one of those people who waits for the trade (Yeah, I'm talkin' to YOU, Sonny-Jim!), then make sure you don't miss your second chance to pick up their second chance with Perhapanauts: Second Chances, the new trade collecting the team's most recent cryptozoological caper!

Beset by the voracious eating-machines called the Skorm, our heroes are left with many questions when an envoy of Perhapanauts from the future come back to rescue their former selves! Are they still on the path to their destiny after they confront the enigmatic Dover Demon and travel through the bizarre dimension confluence called the ‘Perhaps’? Collecting together the four-issue miniseries; written by Todd Dezago, with artwork and cover by Craig Rousseau, and colours by Rico Renzi.


Dark Horse, paperback, 128 pages, published May 2007


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