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Peepholes Hardcover

Laurie J. Proud
Laurie J. Proud

What colour is the moon?”, “Red, silly girl.”, “have you seen my blacken’ eyed dog?”, “I’ll be your do-og...”.

And with that, the wolf-man climbs atop the naked bottom of the kneeling woman—electric shaver in hand.

In Peepholes, Laurie J. Proud peers into the worlds that lie behind closed doors—where everyday stuck-on smiles are shaken off to reveal the darkness and inner-yearnings they obscure. Ten beautifully-crafted stories of the bizarre take us through somnambulant cities where businessmen walk up the sides of buildings, werewolves go to midnight screenings, love-struck hitmen are hired to kill their favourite movie starlets and literal towers of self-pity threaten to collapse at any moment.


Veering in between dreams and nightmares, Proud’s oblique visions of urban and emotional chaos range from the darkly comical to bitingly poignant. Created over a ten-year period whilst Proud worked professionally as an animator and storyboardist, Blank Slate now binds these stories together in a special 122-page colour hardcover presentation.


Fans of creators such as Al Columbia and Ho Che Anderson will find a lot to love in work that’s captivating and unsettling in equal measure. For everyone else, this is a chance to see a new UK comics talent emerge with a fully formed creative voice. Do you dare peek through to the other side?


Blank Slate Books, hardback, 122 pages, published May 2012




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