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Pearls Before Swine : Beginning Pearls

Stephan Pastis

Now younger readers can enjoy the wit and outlandish puns in the world of Pearls Before Swine! Fans of Pearls Before Swine know that, in addition to being hilarious, it can be outrageous and even controversial. Death, marriage, more death — is this comic for kids? By focusing on strips that feature death but not fatalism, strips that are about friendship but not adult relationships, and strips that avoid some pop-culture references and purely adult concerns, this collection shows that, yes, this comic is for kids!

Since the earliest fairy tales first introduced wickedly self-obsessed stepmothers, children’s literature has provided a safe way for young readers to experience less-than-rosy thoughts and feelings. Pearls Before Swine’s memorable characters are in fine company and are on target. Besides, they’re downright funny—and that’s something all ages can appreciate!

AMP! Comics For Kids, paperback, 224 pages, published July 2013


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